EXPOSURE by Helen Dunmore
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 27 Jul 2016

Alhawadeth Media


   Review by Brenda Repland


It is 1960 London and the Cold War is raging.  Two mid-level officers working in the Admiralty will become enmeshed in a nerve tingling situation.  This is not your typical spy thriller.  In many ways, the mere subtlety of it ratchets up the tension.


Simon Callington and Giles Holloway knew each other during Simon’s Cambridge days and now they are colleagues at work.  When Giles has a bad accident at home, ending up in the hospital, he calls on Simon to help him with an “urgent” situation.  Though he’s not thrilled, Simon is reluctant to refuse.  Giles wants him to fetch a file in his apartment and return it to the Admiralty.


The entire story will hinge on that file.  Simon finds it and sees “Top Secret” stamped across it.  He realizes that Giles was not authorized to have this in his home.  But what to do with it?  If he returns it, his superiors will know that Giles is a spy.  If he keeps it, Giles will be in trouble and Simon could be too.


Ms. Dunmore paints a dark picture of what intelligence work of the period must have been like.  There are no simple answers.  Loyalties are challenged and fall away in the face of more critical demands.  “Trust” is a dangerous word that can have consequences.


This is a unique approach that will have you guessing ahead what the outcome will be.


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