Shadows of War By Michael Ridpath
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 29 Jul 2016

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  Review by Brenda Repland


It’s 1939 and war is looming for England.  A year ago, Conrad de Lancey came within seconds of assassinating Hitler.  Now the British Secret Service send him back to Europe to contact those German officers who are planning a coup.


Based on documents now unclassified, the “Shadows of War” will be those who skirt the very edges of treason for the sake of what they think is best for their country(s).  Power is also a factor as an anti-semitic, Fascist group of Englishmen seek to overthrow the British government and replace it with a pro-German one.  Questions about the motives of the former King Edward VIII (now Duke of Windsor) also come into play.  What is he willing to negotiate with the Germans in order to return as King with “Queen” Wallis, his new wife.


This is an intriguing read with one of the most interesting aspects being the question of patriotic loyalty.  Are those who oppose Hiltler but love Germany at risk?  How close can one come to treason for the sake of passivity?



Consider the factors and decide for yourself.

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