Dreams of a Refugee From the Middle East to Mount Everest By Mostafa Salameh
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 09 Sep 2016

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  Review by Brenda Repland


The son of Palestinian refugees and now a dual citizen of Jordan and the UK, Mostafa Salameh recounts the path that has taken him from a partying secular young man to the one who is now a devout Muslim embracing Sufism. 


A dream he had would have a profound influence on the direction of his life.  He saw himself standing at the highest point in the world reciting the Islamic call to prayer. He took this as a call he must answer.  So he researched the “highest point on earth,” and learned it was Mount Everest.  Despite having no mountaineering experience, he determined to make the climb.  As “practice,” he climbed the Seven Summits (the highest peaks in all seven continents) first.  Later, he would undertake polar expeditions as well.


He is devoted to the plight of the Palestinians as well as the anti-radicalization of Arab youth.  His treks serve as fundraisers for the many charities he supports.  While he professes tolerance for other religions, his tirades against Israel would be more convincing if they didn’t sound like diatribes.  He might be forgiven considering his and his family’s history. 



Mr. Salameh does deserve kudos for following his dream and dedicating his life to help his fellow man.

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