The Woman in Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 09 Sep 2016

Alhawadeth Media




  Review by Brenda Repland


It is easy to see why this is a bestseller.  The story is . . . gripping!


Journalist Lo Blacklock has just snagged a prime assignment:  travel on the maiden voyage of the boutique luxury cruiser, the Aurora, on its journey to northern Norway to see the Northern Lights. 


However, her trip will take her out of the frying pan into the fire, as she boards shortly after having survived a home burglary which left her shaken.  Now she will have to contend with a confusing mystery that could be just as dangerous.


Her fellow passengers (just 12 in this plush but tiny cruiser) are either journalists like herself or the ultra rich.  She meets her next door neighbor (Cabin 10) who doesn’t seem to fit into either category.  Perhaps she’s just eccentric.


In the middle of the night, she is awakened by a strange noise.  She goes out to her veranda for a look and then hears a huge splash – apparently coming from Cabin 10.  It sounds like a body being thrown overboard.  Then she sees the smear of blood on the dividing window between her veranda and the one next door. 


When she reports this, she has a hard time convincing anyone as they point out that Cabin 10 was empty, with no passenger.  Could she have been so stressed she imagined it?  But once her life is threatened, she knows she has not.  Will she live to solve the mystery?


This is the most suspenseful mystery I’ve read in years, right up to the very last page which will also give you a chuckle.



Run out and get the book now!

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