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Publish Date: 26 Jan 2017

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Hector and The Search For Happiness by François Lelord


Psychiatrist and author François Lelord has written a charming story of another psychiatrist, Hector who determines to search for the keys to happiness.


His trip takes him around the world from Paris to China, Africa and America (the “country of more.”)  He will talk with experts in the field and the common man, often learning the biggest lessons from the latter. 


The simplistic style of writing belies the profound realizations that Hector uncovers. 


Woven into a delightful tale are lessons for all of us in our constant search for happiness.  One monk in China cautions:  “ Happiness is not the goal.”  (It will get you thinking!)








The Geography of Genius




Eric Weiner




Eric Weiner raises the question of nature vs. nurture to a new level by examining geographic locations for their catalytic effect on eliciting geniuses.  He travels to the world’s locales known for having produced “golden ages” of creation, development and innovation. 


While there are many unique elements to each destination, one theory pervades all.  It’s a quote by Plato: 

What is honored in a country will be cultivated there.


He will learn why many puzzling contradictions can lead to genius -


The Renaissance benefited from the high level of illegitimacy and the low literacy rate.


Big families are less likely to produce geniuses than those with an only child.


Wealthy, stable governments do not figure as prominently in genius development as  those in a state of chaos.


His research will take him to Athens, Hangzhou, Florence, Edinburgh, Calcutta, Vienna and Silicon Valley where he examines how and why they excelled at one time and not another.



This is an exhaustive study and a fascinating one.

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