Youth Poetry in PACC امسية شعرية لشبيبة الجالية العربية بمركز الجالية الفلسطينية
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 27 Jan 2017

Alhawadeth Media

Youth Poetry in PACC

امسية شعرية لشبيبة الجالية العربية بمركز الجالية الفلسطينية

الحوادث لعرب امريكا كليفتون،: في دار مركز الجالية الفلسطينية الامريكية في كليفتون نيوجيرسي تم اقامة امسية شعرية للشبيبة المشاركين في مسابقة الشعر باللغتين العربية والانجليزية.


Outline for 1st Poetry Night in Palestinian American Center in Clifton – NJ


Date of eventSaturday January 7th 2017


- Hiba read her poem in Arabic (only submission in Arabic)


Winner of 11 years old & younger

 - Salsabil Assaf - Thankful

PM Introduce 12 - 15 years old age group Honorable Mentions

    • Reeham Farhat - 5. 8 Million
    • Yusef Haddabah - Forever My Home
    • Aya Darwish - Home Is Where The Heart Is
    • Nadine Badwan - We Embody Palestine
  • Introduce 12 - 15 Winners
    • 3rd Place: Sarah Mohammad - Home
    • 2nd Place: Aysha Mohdi - The Home I had
    • 1st place: Khalil Amro - The Prison Which Is Home
  • Introduce 16 - 18 Honorable Mentions:
    • Koran Lawson - Where Do I Belong?
    • Maryam Edris - My Occupied Home: The Perspective of a Palestinian Child
  • Introduce 16 - 18 Winners
    • 3rd place: Hassan Elsaid - Home’s Definition
    • 2nd place: Reem Farhat - Home
    • 1st place: Marah Siyam - Roots, Stems

·         Home.

·         By Reem Farhat


·         Home
Where mother swaddles child.
Holds him in her arms.
Cries over his body.

You are where I live,
But cannot stay.

I could've sworn your trees whispered goodbye when I left.

You are the one place I want to be.
The one place I cannot be.

My blood seeps through your sand.
Aching to be Free.

We have the only long distance relationship
That has overcome walls of concrete
And guns of steel.

I carry pieces of you with me
On my key chain,
Around my wrist,
Your stitches are embroidered into the fabric of my being.

Even though I'm a thousand miles away,
I still feel your roots clutching me tightly.

I just want you to know,

I'm holding on too.

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