Please Do Not Disturb By Robert Glancy
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 20 Mar 2017

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Please Do Not Disturb




Robert Glancy




Review by Brenda Repland


As the (fictional) African nation of Bwalo prepares for The Big Day, a collection of locals – both native and expat – are drawn into the events.  The celebration will be for the only day that the ailing king speaks to his subjects – ostensibly to commemorate the country’s independence from the colonizers. 


There is subterfuge afoot.  Charlie, the hotel manager’s son has a dictaphone and uses it enthusiastically to record the guests.  Sean, the Irishman has stayed too long in Bwalo, struggling to write the great African novel.  Josef, who was instrumental in (King) Tafumo’s rise, is now at political risk himself.  The king’s nurse, Hope, has worries of her own. 



Written in a humorous vein, the tale, however, is a picture of an autocracy in crisis.  Just how dangerous IS Africa?  In a place like Bwalo, it all hinges on who’s in power.

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