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Publish Date: 08 Jul 2017

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Defectors by Joseph  Kanon


In 1949, Frank Weeks, a star in the new CIA, was exposed as a Communist spy.  Just steps ahead of his pursuers, he fled the country to vanish in the Soviet Union, behind the Iron Curtain. 


Twelve years later, at the height of the Cold War, he has completed his memoirs which the KGB has approved for publication.  It is sure to be a bestseller.  He has asked his brother, Simon, a publisher, to come to Moscow and edit the manuscript.  The boys, who were once very close, are both dreading and longing to see each other again. 


Frank’s old harm is irresistible but soon Simon sees another Frank – one capable of treachery, still working for the “Service,” (KGB).  He is drawn into Frank’s latest scheme – a potentially deadly tightrope between the CIA and KGB.


Simon will meet the “community,” i.e. the British and American defectors (think Burgess, Maclean, Saul and Hannah Rubin, Atomic secrets+++) who have escaped the law at home only to live in a semi-imprisoned state in Russia.  They have privileges but are never trusted and always “accompanied,”
 by a member of the “Service.”

Mr. Kanon gives us another terrific story with tension that creeps up steadily from the first page.  The period details are accurate and fascinating.  Bravo!



Of Books and Bagpipes




Paige Shelton




Review by Brenda Repland


American Delaney Nichols is enjoying her new life in Edinburgh, working at the Cracked Spine, a bookshop that specializes in rare manuscripts. 


When her boss sends her on an errand to Castle Doune , outside Edinburgh, to fetch a valuable edition of a Scottish comic, she will discover more than she expected.  While taking in the sights from the castle’s ramparts, she spots a foot.  Unfortunately, it’s attached to a dead man.


Who would want this young man dead?  She will come to learn just how complicated this case is.  Why is her boss so secretive?  Why are his friends so reluctant to discuss their history?

Can Delaney solve the mystery before the threats against her become deadly?



This is a charming addition to the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series.  

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