America’s Favorite Newscaster Theater for a New City
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 19 Jan 2018

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America’s Favorite Newscaster


Theater for a New City

    Review by Brenda Repland




Opening last evening at Theater for a New City, America’s Favorite Newscaster is a new two-act musical that follows the career crisis of a very popular newscaster.  Evan Fury (Isaac Miller) covers the news diligently, and the effect of the current administration in Washington has become just too much for him.  Further exacerbating the situation is the US President’s retaliation (for some unnamed fault) – an insult against Fury’s very pregnant wife. 


In the opening scene, we see White House correspondent Brent (Juan Villegas) stumbling back to the newsroom.  A black man, he’s been assaulted by the president’s supporters who don’t approve of his coverage.


He sings of those halcyon days –

                        Remember the time,

                        When reporting a fact

                        Would seldom result in being attacked?


 From here, the play continues as a riff on the current presidency – never mentioning his name. “Saturday Night Live” fans and those of us from Blue states can appreciate the skewering of one who refers to journalists as “The Enemy of the People.”

Some of the lyrics are delightful including this one by the president –

            Floating above the facts,

            I’m just floating above the facts.

            Who needs facts –

            Those incomprehensible

            Things called facts?


In their frustration, the reporters make a pact to never mention the president’s name on air.  Since hearing his name is crucial to his ego, they agree that its omission is the best revenge. 



The play takes on many current issues creating a “more is less” feeling.  It would benefit from some editing to the most potent issues.  Still, it will salve any frustration created by politics today.

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