Death of an Honest Man By M. C. Beaton
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 05 Mar 2018

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Death of an Honest Man


A Hamish Macbeth Mystery




M. C. Beaton



 Published: 03/05/2018

  Review by Brenda Repland


When Paul English moves to a small town in the Scottish Highlands, the place is unprepared for and unwelcoming to this self-styled “honest man.”  He discounts the insulting aspect of his remarks by insisting that he must be honest. 


He tells the local minister that his sermons are boring; the minister’s wife that she is too fat and should set a better example; accuses Hamish (a natural redhead) of being gay and dying his hair red; and to top it off, he tells a local elderly spinster that she needs psychiatric help. 


Many of the locals have professed the desire to kill the rude newcomer.  Then, in a most

Scottish way, someone does!


Hamish’s superior, Chief Inspector Blair, continues to make his life a misery.  Blair is jealous of his successes and frequently tries to take credit for them.  Even Charlie, Hamish’s loyal policeman can’t help as he must resign after throwing Blair in the loch in a fit of pique.


Hamish must solve the mystery alone.  With so many suspects, it won’t be easy.


This is a delightful series for any mystery lover.

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