It Shoulda Been You
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 16 Mar 2018

Alhawadeth Media


Review by Brenda Repland


Books & Lyrics by Brian Hargrove

Music by Barbara Anselmi

Narrated & Directed by David Hyde Pierce


Presented as a part of An Evening of Musical Theatre with Daryl Roth.

This rollicking comedy depicts what must be the perfect recipe for disaster for any wedding planner – nervous grooms, conflicted ex-boyfriends, interfaith “issues,” and . . . much more.


The Steinberg – Howard wedding is one uproarious romp through modern-day plausibilities.

The lyrics are absolutely marvelous and especially when delivered by a most proficient cast.


Tyne Daly as Judy Steinberg is at the top of her game.  She has some of the best lines and, boy does she know how to deliver them!  She is particularly delightful in her rendition of “Nice,” which revolves around the two “wedding mothers.” Even silent, her expressions ignite the piece.  She is one of those rare creatures who can make you laugh one moment and tear your heart out with pathos the next. 


Fans of “Frazier,” had a new opportunity to enjoy Edward Hibbert as Albert the hairdresser and wedding planner.  He’s every bit as funny on stage as on TV.  His rendition of “Albert’s Turn,” charmed with the hilarious lyrics. 


Gina Ferrall as Georgette Howard (mother of the groom) has perfect timing in her blissfully oblivious grasp of Kosher rules. 


One character provides a new version of an old adage –


 what doesn’t kill you, makes you wish you were dead.

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