Butterfly Conspiracy A Merriweather & Royston Mystery
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 13 Dec 2018

Alhawadeth Media


Butterfly Conspiracy


A Merriweather & Royston Mystery




Vivian Conroy




 Review by Brenda Repland


If this first in a new series is any indication, the Merriweather & Royston Mysteries will be ones to look forward to.


Merula Merriweather is a 21st century woman living in Victorian times.  As a lepidopterist, she’s more interested in insects than searching for a husband.  When the Royal Zoological Society won’t accept a woman’s accomplishments, she has her uncle Rupert take credit for her achievements. 


This plan backfires when the guest of honor at a lecture dies after a butterfly lands on her arm.  Rupert is arrested for murder and Merula is on the run with Lord Raven Royston.  They are determined to solve the murder and save her uncle.


Their investigation moves quickly – but dangerously – to its conclusion.  This is an excellent example of British mysteries.  You won’t be able to put it down!

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