Sins as Scarlet By Nicolás Obregǿn
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 18 Nov 2019

Alhawadeth Media




  Review by Brenda Repland


Kosuka Iwata has left both his job as detective for the Tokyo Police Department and his country, moving to Los Angeles.  He is now established as a private investigator.  He won’t have long to wait for a new murder investigation to find him.


He is hired by an old contact whose daughter has been murdered.  It seems to have turned into a cold case, but the victim’s mother is desperate to find the killer and believes Iwata can find him.


When Iwata learns from an eye witness of the cryptic words of the murderer following the act, he is off and running to track down the culprit.  His search will take him from areas of Los Angeles that he would never know otherwise, into the Sonoran Desert of northern Mexico where he will become part of a dangerous flight of migrants. 


(The author depicts the plight of the frantic migrant in very tangible ways that have probably never occurred to anyone unfamiliar with (essentially) forced exile.)


The plot of this murder – and others of its kind – will shock even the police-hardened detective.

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