The Girl who Lived Twice by David Lagercratz
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 16 Jun 2020

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Review by Brenda Repland


In this, the sixth Lisbeth Salander story in the Millennium Series, Mikael Blomkvist is again drawn into a mystery which he will need Lisbeth’s help to solve. 


A hobo has died with Blomkvist’s phone number in his pocket.  It’s impossible to identify him as he doesn’t seem to exist in any official records.  His last words suggest that he had information that could be dangerous to important people.  Further complicating matters is evidence that he was murdered. 


Blomkvist seeks Lisbeth’s help but learns that she has . . . disappeared.  Sold her apartment and gone silent.  Her estranged twin sister, Camilla, enters the picture, still resentful of Lisbeth.


Their investigation will hinge on what happened on a Mount Everest climb several years earlier.  Every climber had an agenda that could ultimately have political and personal ramifications. 


David Lagercrantz, who continues the series after Stieg Larsson, upholds the taunt thrilling aspect perfectly.  We never know what Lisbeth will be capable of next, but one thing is sure . . . it will be shocking!


Don’t miss this latest thriller!

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