The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols, book review
برندا ريبلاند
Publish Date: 30 Jul 2020

Alhawadeth Media


Review by Brenda Repland

When an agent of the British Secret Service is found floating in the Thames, the motive seems to be related to the manuscript she was carrying.  The document purports to be the minutes of a meeting of a secret group intent on . . . taking over the world.  Could it be real?


Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, enlists the investigative help of his brother and Dr. Watson.  The two board the Orient Express from Paris to the heart of Tsarist Russia where they are determined to trace the origins of the paper and validate or denounce its authenticity.

The unexpected death of Zionist Theodor Herzl will bring another wrinkle to the puzzle. 

They will be followed repeatedly by Russian operatives assigned to curtail their investigation in every manner.

The narration of this story comes from Dr. Watson’s diary.  Mr. Meyer’s talent for satire makes for enjoyable reading.

This case is more far-reaching than any of Holmes’s previous “local” cases, with worldwide


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