Mountain Master of Sha Tin Review by Brenda Repland
Adnan Khalil
Publish Date: 20 Aug 2020

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Mountain Master of Sha Tin

 Review by Brenda Repland




Ava Lee has gone to Shanghai to visit her friend Mountain Master Xu, (a Triad position).  Xu is seriously ill with meningitis.  While Xu is incapacitated, and with Ava in Shanghai, a Triad war breaks out in Hong Kong.


Instigating the war is Sammy Wing, along with his nephew, Carter.  Their goal:  reclaim Xu’s old territory of Wanchai (HK) from his men.  Ava knows Sammy well as in the past, he tried twice to have her killed. 


The rival Wing gang escalates the tension with kidnapping and violence.  With Xu’s approval, Ava volunteers to broker a settlement. The Wings not only don’t agree, but send a horrifying

threat to Ava with a promise of worse at the end of a 12-hour deadline.


Ava devises a plan but all of her network and support system in Hong Kong may not be enough to create a peace.  What are her alternatives?


Ian Hamilton has created another nail bitter with his expert knowledge of both Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as the criminal activities of the Triads.





A Study in Murder

Review by Brenda Repland


In her debut of this new series, Callie Hutton takes us to Victorian Bath, England in 1890.  Lady Amy Lovell is engaged to be married but her life will be turned upside down when she receives an anonymous letter of warning.


When her former fiancé is later found murdered in her home library, the police jump at the chance to solve the case by accusing her of his murder. 


The police seem to have little incentive to look for the real culprit, so Amy and her book club friend, Lord Wethington, start their own investigation into the case.  They will learn that there

Are many suspects, including an ex-convict and a scorned lover. 


Unbeknownst to most, Amy is herself, a mystery writer (something frowned upon for women in Victorian days) so she has some ideas about how to conduct an investigation.


We’ll be looking forward to the next in the series for sure!

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