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Use of the accident site for Arab Americans (for Arab Americans) must imply that the user agrees to the following terms: 1 -. Upon entering the site, the user undertakes to abide by these terms. Incidents Arab Americans have the right to modify these rules and are obligated to include all changes in this document. Users of the Site themselves follow these changes and decide whether to continue to use the Site. 2 - Use of the contents of the site All contents of the site are incidents of Arab Americans (text, images, videos ... etc.) not to be reproduced, copied, printed, republished in public media or otherwise disposed of, and the contents are for exclusively personal use and for the purposes of non-commercial incidents of Arab Americans, the right You grant permission to use the contents of the site. Send the request using the contents of the site to the address on the contact page . The contents of the site are intended for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Any other use of the site's contents requires written consent for Arab Americans. However, some materials (including images) prepared by a third party have the right to be disposed of and protected. For Arab Americans, Arab Americans do not have the right to allow the use of these materials, except in cases where they are used for personal, non-commercial purposes. A request to allow its use must be sent to the third party concerned. 3- Use of the Site The use of the Site must be within the framework of the applicable legislation in the United States of America - New Jersey and must not infringe or limit the rights of any third party. It is prohibited to carry out any act related to the transmission of the contents of the site, or the inclusion of inappropriate materials, or that would harm the functionality of the site. News and names, as well as pictures, models, and all elements related to indirect accidents as a result of misuse of the site or inability to use it, as well as the loss of its contents or lack of profit as a result of negligence or submission of a lawsuit related to the use of the site. 4- Other terms and instructions regarding the use of the Accidents Site for Arab Americans do not guarantee the continuity of the site's operation permanently or the absence of errors in the system or mandatory to correct such errors, as well as the freedom of the site from viruses. As accuracy and reliability of the material. that characterize accidents for Arab Americans and/or any third party as well as its accident products and services for Arab Americans and/or any third party. The use of these items at the site cannot be considered a transfer of the right of return to the incident to Arab Americans. In individual cases, the rules for using some of the contents of the Site, in particular those relating to contests (and sweepstakes), information downloads, etc., may conflict with these Terms. The effect of the latter is stronger. 5- The terms of use of the comments service are published on the pages of the accident site for Arab Americans (for Arab Americans) without prior review before they are published, therefore we ask all visitors to be polite and objective, and these are some of the conditions that must be observed: For Arab Americans, any institution or organization Political or social insults, accusations, or obscene insults. Nothing to do with the topic. In case of violating this provision, the comment will be removed from the list, and if the link is repeated, the member will be banned. Direct or indirect calls to stir up sedition or sectarianism or to call for the use of violence or murder against any person, entity or entity.. It is prohibited to repeat the same comment more than once. If this paragraph is violated, duplicate comments will be deleted. Comments are allowed in Arabic and English only, and if a comment is posted in a language other than these two languages, the comment will be deleted. If you have offensive or offensive comments, please contact the editorial board of the site via the "Contact Us" page, mentioning the username and a link to his personal page, and selecting the "Comments" item in the "Nature of the message" menu. Management will look into this matter. 6- I agree to the terms The above terms are valid from the moment you enter the site. If you do not completely agree to these terms, please leave the site without delay.

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